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  1. Occido

    Fiber/internet options in Paarl

    Hi all! Does anyone have an idea when they might reach Lemoenkloof with roll-out? I notice that a large number of houses in our area already have they're fibre box fitted outside, but depressingly enough if you open one of them it's as empty as my hopes at this stage...
  2. Occido

    New Giveaway - Win great prizes

    Alf & Seuns Makelaars BK
  3. Occido

    Please Rate Telkom

    Their service is fine, generally speaking, but I have resorted to a new method of anger management. When service is down I usually try to construct the most profanity loaded Latin sentence I'm able to and then post that to hello peter. When this no longer does anything for me I resort to search...
  4. Occido

    Please Rate Telkom Internet

    They would have been perfect in terms of deals...and generally speaking reliability wise we don't have that many problems. Concerning their cancelation department and troubleshooting department ... it doesn't need an overhaul. They should demolish the building, and ship everyone involved to some...
  5. Occido

    Win an Amazon Echo in this Two-Day Giveaway

    Navigating a turbulent cybersecurity climate can be hard – especially as threats like Petya and WannaCry continue to cripple organizations. Business disruption, downtime, technical failure and data loss are all real risk factors that can't be ignored.
  6. Occido

    Two-Day Giveaway - Win an Amazon Fire 7

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