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    Smartphone contracts for less than R500 per month

    Rather buy a phone for R3 k and manage data myself, no contracts for me, all contracts, even when run out are difficult to cancel. I don't need a phone which can make coffee, I only need whatapp, telegram, signal, camera, email and sometimes voice is fine!
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    Eskom's R300-billion Medupi and Kusile woes

    And loved by all the world's greeny's
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    Elon Musk was not bullied in Pretoria

    I went to virkrump (narrow thinking) Afrikaans school in Stellenbosch so I know the type of thinking from those days, gay was not playing or supporting rugby. We heard endless dangers of Swart gevaar and the evils of communism. Teachers turned a blind eye to bullying by other teachers as well as...
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    SA's big Covid-19 vaccine problem

    I think if you force the vaccine then as an employer you can be held responsible for any side effects.
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    DA - Gwede Mantashe's supporters want De Ruyter fired

    Eskom not working damages the ANC most. The people need power to cook food!
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    Eskom answers questions about Nersa's solar power user tariff plans and grid connection fees

    That's why I want to escape far from control and taxes for non performance. Soon coming, paying an enormous fixed rate and then only getting power when Eskom feels like it.
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    DStv copyright takedown on AfriForumTV's launch video

    I am a proud member of Afriforum, protecting people's rights, I appreciate DSTV willingness to support Afriforum in the marketing as I was unaware of the YouTube channel.
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    Many private Covid-19 vaccination sites in South Africa are shutting down

    It's all about (1) flatterning the curve (2) save the lives of millions of people. (3) making lots of money (fake news)
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    What insurance on an electric vehicle costs in SA

    Fuel is a very small cost in relation to maintenance and fixed costs per kilometer.
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    Nutrition labels should be mandatory for fast food in South Africa

    It's the societal cost of a business which in the end the harm has to be financed by the tax payer. These industries need to be taxed so that they pay for the harm done. The average Joe Soap is completely clueless about health. The nutritional guidelines in many countries are written by vested...
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    10GB free data for all won't work, reverse-billing could - Datafree CEO

    Excellent workable solution, simple is great, educational sites free, especially school / university programs, scholars in Pofadder should be able to excess free math content / classes.
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    Sipho Maseko's warning about 10GB free data

    All this and home affairs runs of a 2 Meg line with everyone waiting for them to come on line and function effectively. Home affairs should be open until 18h00 everyday until every backlog is sorted out.
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    South Africa promises 10GB free data to every household

    Everyone in the house have their own router. Not understanding how to give one house 20 gig especially if 5 people have cell phones.
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    South Africa promises 10GB free data to every household

    I am still trying to understand how it is going to work, 15 people in a household everyone on wireless router, maybe my broadband can explain. Use identity number as a reference. Why not make a few site free?
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    The best smartphones you can get on contract in South Africa for less than R800 a month

    I don't know what the difference is between a R2 500 and R20 000 phone in terms of making / receiving a call. In addition to exit these contracts is painful operation, I rather pay cash and pay as I go. Standard Bank sells one gig of data for R85, voice calls on WhatsApp or Zoom are near...
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    Power cuts aren't over, but there is light at the end of the tunnel - Chris Yelland

    It's going to depend on your local municipality and province, feeling sorry for those living in municipalities which are run by theives. The best R40k was a small solar system one simply cannot living hoping for power.