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    Twitch Relays Servers not working since last night.

    Not sure what you are talking about. I haven't done much on Twitch before. Is it the server selection on OBS? Never mind. I looked up relay servers and I was streaming to Twitch directly instead of a relay server. I tried using a relay server but I get the same issue.
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    Twitch Relays Servers not working since last night.

    I just tested on my side quickly and had no problems streaming to Twitch.
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    Final Fantasy 14 - SA community

    Both EU data centers are in the same location, so that shouldn't matter. The wifi icon doesn't indicate latency. It's the number of packets sent and received. There isn't an ingame latency indicator AFAIK. I check my latency by running a ping in a command prompt. The command I use is "ping...
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    Final Fantasy 14 - SA community

    I'm getting 174ms on fiber from Jhb. From what I remember, ADSL used to be around 200 to 230.
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    Developers Encourage Piracy Over Using Key Reseller G2A

    If the devs/publishers doesn't like G2A, I doubt they will sell keys to them. From my understanding, the keys on G2A are from third-parties selling keys that they don't want. From some of the comments I read on Reddit, some people sell the extra keys they get from buying graphics cards, etc...
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    Final Fantasy 14 - SA community

    I'm playing on Odin / Light. Just busy catching up on gear and preparing for Shadowbringers. There is/was an SA guild called Grim Wolves. They play multiple MMO's though and their FFXIV guilds doesn't look active at the moment. They started on Moogle and moved to Phoenix, so there are almost...
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    Guild Wars 2 - anyone playing it?

    I'm playing it while taking a break from Final Fantasy XIV. I haven't joined a guild since I'm not sure for how long I'm going to play.
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    World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor

    Downside, I run out of stamina quick, that is why I liked games like Runescape Classic. It let is simple and relaxing to play :)