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    Do a speed test – win R5,000 cash

    Ping: 18ms Download: 169.07Mbps Upload: 36.13Mbps
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    Do a speed test – win R5,000 cash

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    Sim Cancellation Issue

    Hey everyone is it only me whose having problems with looking for the SIM cancellation options since last month they been telling me to pay my outstanding fee of which I did and they still not giving me the cancelling option also they keep debiting my money which is starting to make me sick...
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    NEW giveaway! Win your share of R2000 - Cash Prize Winners

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    Rain literally doesn't care bouh the people making them richer

    So I decided to change my network to rain hence I place an order on Wednesday ....From then till today it's telling me preparing your order shouldn't they have given me a response till yet. . people always told me not order the sim but I was arrogant .....the funniest part about this whole...