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    Afrihost - Pure Fibre Feedback Thread

    I have the same issue in Lynnwood.
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    WeChat signup issue on Telkom Mobile

    I've contacted WeChat support as well - multiple times - and have not had any response.
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    WeChat signup issue on Telkom Mobile

    I'm having issues signing up with WeChat on telkom. For some reason instead of sending me an SMS code like most apps, WeChat asks me to send a code to this number: +27872406742. Only issue is that the sms fails to deliver. It works fine on other networks. Telkom has been less than helpful to say...
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    Lynnwood Fibre Initiative (Pretoria - Gauteng)

    Lynnwood Fibre Initiative: Now including surrounding areas! We are starting a community fibre project in Lynnwood Pretoria (and surrounding areas). If you are interested please visit and take the short survey. Update: We EXPANDED our coverage area! We have expanded our...
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    Home LAN, fiber or cat6

    I'm moving to a new home and I'm designing a LAN so that I can connect all my devices to the Internet and each other. I have in the past used ethernet over power as well as Wifi and found both to be less than ideal. I thought of running cat6 to all the rooms through the same conduit as the...