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    Selling a property remotely

    Hi everyone, I have a flat in Sandton that I want to sell. I live in the UK. I have a tenant currently in the property, and the property is being managed by an agent. The tenant has opted to move out at the end of the lease, which is end of February. So, the agent wants sole mandate of...
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    Connectivity in Clarens

    How good is connectivity in general in Clarens? Reason I ask is that I'm planning to spend a few days there in early January, and I need to be able to work from home. So, will mobile data be good enough for working from home, or will I need to make sure that the place I rent has Wifi? And, if...
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    TV license handed over for collection

    Hi everyone, So, I emigrated to the UK beginning of 2019. I used to have a TV license. They sent me a renewal notice thingy last year, which I replied to and said I have emigrated. They said that, for my TV license to be cancelled, I basically need to fill in an affidavit, get it witnessed by...
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    Should incest ever be legal?

    So, maybe this belongs in Philosophical Debates, I don't know. I was thinking the other day. There are two reasons why incest is illegal. One is because children born of incestuous relationships are often disabled. The other is that, when incestuous relationships occur, they are frequently...
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    Static Code Analysis Tools

    Do you guys use any static code analysis tools? If you do, what do you use, what do you use it for, and what is your opinion of it? We use detekt as part of our GIthub PR gates. Detekt runs on the entire branch and makes sure you haven't introduced any new technical debt. I have mixed feelings...
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    Discovery website down for days?

    Hey guys, The Discovery website seems to have been down for days. Can anyone else confirm?
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    What to do with jewelry when emigrating

    Hey guys, So as some of you know, I am emigrating soon, but I have a bit of a problem. When my mother died, she owned a lot of jewelry. Myself and my older brothers inherited everything from her estate, and jewelry was not explicitly named in the will (nothing was). So now I own this jewelry...
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    Cannot remember 1980s movie names

    Hey guys, I'm hoping some of you will remember the two movies that are in my head that I remember watching as a kid, but I now cannot remember. Both of these movies were probably made during the 1980s or, at the latest, the early 1990s. Not 100% sure but I would have been a kid when I watched...
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    Recommend an estate agent for renting out

    Hey everyone, Can someone please recommend a good estate agency for renting out a property? I am in contact with one agency, but they want exhorbitant rates. It works out to nearly 20% of the rental for the year. Is this normal?
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    Specialising as a Software Dev and Learning skills

    As per the title. How do you guys handle specialization in your careers? Do you specialise, and if so, how? I don't know if I am right but I have heard that in typical scrum settings, specialisation in team members is discouraged because the idea is that anyone can do any work. But personally...
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    How do you cope without water?

    So, my water has been out since Tuesday night. It is now Thursday. This is definitely not the only water interruption I have had this year although I think it is probably the worst. I realized I do not cope well without water. Whenever I am without water or power for more than a few hours, my...