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    Decent, affordable wedding photographer Fourways area

    Hi there, Let me start by saying yes, I am aware that "decent wedding photographer" and "affordable" in the same sentence is more than likely a contradiction...but I figured I would try anyway! I am trawling the interweb trying to find a wedding photographer for August in Fourways. We have a...
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    Meat/braai Smoker help

    Hi there, I was wondering if anyone has any knowledge/experience reviews on smokers (the cooking type, not the killing type :whistle: )? I am looking at getting one for my SO for Christmas and wondering what I should be looking for. I see there are quite a few simple boxes you put the chips...
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    Polo Car Service Fourways - where?

    Hi all, Was hoping somebody out there has an idea of where I can take my 2013 Polo to get serviced in the Fourways area - and please don't suggest VW because they are the biggest rip-offs of the lot. My granny needs a major service done, but I really don't feel like forking out an arm and a...
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    Car Insurance - who's the best bang for buck?

    So, I am being severely man-handled by Outsurance. I moved up to JBurg from Cape Town last year and they increased my car insurance premium by R100. Then, I moved from Dainfern to Fourways, and they increased it by another R50. And now, they have just increased it again for their annual...
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    The HELL that is HELLkom

    OMG, the pure unhelpfullness and uselessness of Telkom is enough to make you want to jump out of the window. :mad: Anybody know of a less stressful way of cancelling a Telkom line and DSL without having to deal with those incompetent Call Center individuals????????? I have sat on the phone now...