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    Hermanus Internet solution..........?

    Hi Guy sorry for not giving feedback sooner, but here it is: In short I got 6Mbps "uncaped" from maxitec. My frist choice was sonic only because of price and FUP but there was no line of sight. It's not fair for me to report on the speeds yet because I haven't had a chance to test it...
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    Hermanus Internet solution..........?

    Thanks Guys I will probably get Maxitec to do a site survey next month once I've settled in. hopefully the 6Mbps WISP will be available to me. I will give an update once I'am sorted.
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    Hermanus Internet solution..........?

    Hi everyone/anyone I am moving from a small town in the northern cape to Hermanus(Voëlklip ). My best option was a 4Mbps Adsl line from telkom. I assumed that I would have more and better options in Hermanus, but after a quick look it seem that best option again will be a 4Mbps line from...
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    Minix neo u1 vs Mi Box

    Hi I am looking to add android tv to my entertainment center. I found that The Mi box and the Minix neo u1 looks like the best under R2000 I am know most of their specs but want to know more about the interface? Which would you buy or which have you bought? or is there a better one I am...
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    Modem/router combo VS modem + router home network

    Hi I am looking to improve my home network, I am using a telkom supplied D-link adsl-2750u . I use it to connect my smart tv, xbox , 2 laptops and 3 cellphones to the internet and home network. So do i buy a 'future proof' modem/router combo or a 'future proof' router and stick with my old...