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  1. vinodh

    iPhone 7 Plus no service

    My iPhone 7 plus started showing the no service message message last week Friday. If I restart the phone or reset network settings, it temporarily fixes the problem. Removing/installing the SIM card also helps. I'm not sure if it's a hardware problem, software problem or MTN being useless. I did...
  2. vinodh

    Spark: Smart email for iOS

    Spark, a smart email app for iOS. Best of the App Store 2015?
  3. vinodh

    Office for iPad

    Anyone tried Microsoft Office for the iPad yet? I'm busy downloading and installing it now. According to the release info, you have to have an Office 365 subscription to edit documents. Viewing is free.
  4. vinodh

    Lightroom for iPad briefly appears on Adobe's site before being pulled
  5. vinodh

    iPad refund?

    Does anyone know of the refund Apple is giving to recent iPad owners? I read it here: