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    Android Devs

    Can anyone please direct me to an Android Dev house they will recommend for app making? Tx
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    App Ideas

    I am looking for Windows Phone 7 version: Series Guide (I think they use the data from More ideas to come... Add yours below.
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    Can't send short codes

    Any else has this problem? I can't check balances or redeem points. I only get to the first screen and their is no reply option. Just an OK button. I have an HTC HD 7.
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    Asus EEE Transformer gets Android 3.2.1

    Once again Asus is first to rollout
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    Your recommended apps for Mango

    Evernote - Best Note taking program gMaps - Travel, Routes using Google Maps Pomodoro - Based on the Pomodoro Technique to help you focus and take breaks every 25 min
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    Your favourite new feature found on Mango

    Hold the back arrow button and you will get a similar result as ALT+Tab on the PC.
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    Official HTC Roms for Mango Update Available

    It is available, but not through Zune yet. This is from XDA 15 Sept. looks to be the date.
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    Can't wait for Mango, get the beta version now

    If you are interested in loading the beta version (& don't have dev code), check this Note: To update to official release when it does come out, you will have to remove the beta version.
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    Why the Android, Windows & Apple Tablets so different

    Wasn't too sure about where to ask this questions, so please feel free to move it to appropriate section. Why is it that Windows tablets doesn't even come close to the specs of the Android or iPad tablets? And before you starting bashing Microsoft, remember manufacturers make the tablets, not...
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    iMate JasJar synch problem

    I know this is an "old" device but some old school business people still swear by it. :) Recently the device has been starting to act up. Active Sync says everything is synced, while if you look at the data (emails, notes), it hasn't been synced. Any suggestions? Secondly, where under the...