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    What is the best small automatic?

    Hi, I am looking for a reliable small auto that has isofix. So far the list is: 1. Kia Picanto. I would go for the street>style>smart. Why doesn't the smart have remote central locking or a rear wiper? very strange. I would go for the 1.0 to lower costs. 2. Hyundai i10 grand. I looked at...
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    Help me choose hosting please

    Hi, Im not sure whether to go for Hetzner or Hetzner offers free ssl as opposed to domains which is r25 extra per month. I will be hosting a blog but I would like to also branch out and get hosting for other unrelated sites. Help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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    Any potential Black Friday specials Laptops i5?

    Hi, I am looking for a i5 5th gen and above, 4GB....8GB is preferred. In the previous Black Friday deals have you seen any similar spec laptops go on special? I'm deciding whether to get a second hand one now or wait. Ideally I'd like to pick one up for as low as possible. Thanks