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    Trading ETFs in USD with online platform... who has my money and how safe is it?

    This question includes aspects of what others have asked, eg:
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    Unable to connect to any Apple-hosted "cloud services" over CISP

    Hi CISP For a week or two or three now (difficult to remember when it started), I have not been able to connect to almost all "cloud" functionality offered by Apple when connecting over my CISP connection (with Vuma/Fiberhood as my provider). This includes App Store, Apple Music, Apple TV. I...
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    iPhone VPN

    I'm trying to figure out how to connect my iPhone to my home network over VPN. Unfortunately the word "vpn" is too short to search for on the forums (surely the site runs on sufficient computing power to allow searches for 3 character terms?), so I haven't been able to find any posts with other...