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    Which ISP to choose?

    I canceled my Crystalweb subscription even before the kak they have atm. I browsed the forum, but I can not get a definite answer. So which ISP is the popular choice atm?
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    If politics were not allowed in Rugby, what would the standard of our Rugby be today?

    To make my point clear, Rugby teams should only be chosen on merit. The quota system is making hundreds of rugby players leave the country. There is a lot of players leaving just after school, because of the politics in sport, yes money is another factor, but I think a lot of money is being lost...
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    Need help connecting my home theatre system

    I recently bought a sony home theatre system. I know more or less how to connect it through av and it works, but i rather want to connect it coaxial, hdmi. Here is my components i want to connect Phillips LCD tv Lg recorder DSTV Sony system Ok so this is what i tried : connect the...