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  1. datakeepers

    Anyone have any experience with Datakeepers VPS hosting?

    Unfortunately signing up with a disposable email address, unreachable contact number, international VPN and other unverifiable details will flag your order. If we can't "KYC" you in the least, we have every right not to accept your order without reason. In the time it took you to find this post...
  2. datakeepers

    Has anyone used

    Hi ycevents, We have our own presence in both Teraco Johannesburg (Isando) and Teraco Cape Town. We also have a secondary Cape Town option at SEACOM. During your order, you can select where your server should be located. We do not use Xneelo for any of our listed Virtual Server/Cloud...
  3. datakeepers

    Any local VPS provider that can match this?

    Hi Frank, We are already investigating the issue that you are experiencing with your server and have also updated your ticket to confirm the same.