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    Best broker/exchange for beginner in SA

    Hey everyone I recently started learning trading and was wondering which exchange website you guys would recommend for a beginner Thank you.
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    Blurry text/thumbnails issue

    Hey guys, I recently installed a new SSD in my laptop and decided to format it completely, it is much faster but this has been bugging me and I can't seem to get it fixed, the icons on my screen (inside folders), thumbnails and videos on YouTube are blurry/pixelated and it's giving me a...
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    SSD Help

    Hey everyone, I am looking to upgrade my laptop with an SSD and have been looking around for the past month or so, I am just not sure if I can get a better price or product somewhere else, does this seem reasonable...
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    MTN Data plan

    Hi everyone I've been using Afrihost mobile data on my MTN sim card, paying about R630 for 20gb a month, Is there any other better deals out there? I did some research but I haven't gotten anything good, thought asking here would be a good idea, Thanks in advance :)