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    How to prove you are not getting what you paid for

    Hi Guys, I am with Cfibre (20Mb up and down) and got the Vumatel CPE installed. I have done the speed test and always get good results like this: But I am still 100% sure that I am not getting that. I mean I can't stream 1080p, 720p and sometimes even 480p. My main goal with Fibre...
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    ADSL Disconnecting at night!!

    My internet keeps disconnecting at night, anytime from 18:00 - 00:00. During the day the internet is fine. Now this is unbelievably irritating. I have phoned MWEB and they told me that my line speed is 2Mb and they only give me 1Mb and this might be causing the intermittent connection. They...