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    Cannot manage KSTAR UPS UA150/200 is software

    Hi All I’ve download v5.4 software on my laptop to connect to my UPS. All drivers installed etc , However selecting the megatech usb option,the software fails to pickup my UPS ? When I try megatech com 3 option , it says connected however nothing happens when changing the settings...
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    iPhone ios 7 Send as SMS bug ?

    Hi Im not sure if anyone else experienced this or know possible solutions, but when I disabled the option send as sms under settings, it still sends the sms regardless of the setting. Before it used to show with a red exclamation mark as not been sent, and if you keep your finger pressed on...
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    ADSL issues in Ridgeway, Jhb

    This threadis for all ADSL issues in the Ridgeway area ,South of Jhb. I have a 1mb line that used to get speeds up 384kb/s at times, seems to have settled down for now over the past week.
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    Problems connecting Samsung ES7500 to extended Wfi router

    Hi ALL Im hoping someone can help me here. My setup is as follows : UPSTAIRS : Telephone /ADSL Line Billion Router. DOWNSTAIRS : tplink wifi extender WR340G Samsung Smart TV ES7500 Ive extended my wifi range but connecting me tplink to the billion router wirelessly usings WDS ...