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  1. Pax

    Poll: Are You An Underachievers or Overachiever?

    Compared to what? Way underachiever as sharpshooter, but overachiever on many levels. In some things better than average, in other not so much.
  2. Pax

    How do you keep yourself warm in winter?

    Other- Aircon
  3. Pax

    brezza or Duster

    Don't know the Brezza, but own a diesel Duster. I love it. Excellent on gravel and even better since I put Continental ATX tyres on.
  4. Pax

    Game launches new website and promises faster delivery times

    OMW, their search function was and still is dysfunctional. I just tested their new site asking for 'fly repellant'. It gives me toy planes as 1st choice, a connector lead as 2nd and then Doom.
  5. Pax

    Does South Africa need another public holiday?

    Is your world so small? 99% businesses come to a standstill,, only the hospitality industry finds any benefit on holidays. The rest bleed money and lose production.
  6. Pax

    Does South Africa need another public holiday?

    ......down the drain.
  7. Pax

    Subscribe to newsletter is persistent

    This site/ forum and many others keeps asking to subscribe just about every second day. I have set up a "spam" mailbox for the purpose and subscribe to that mailbox, but why does it keep asking so often? Does the system not recognise that a subscription had been done? One would think it should...
  8. Pax

    Government workers in South Africa want a 10% salary increase

    And the situation is such because of incompetent people wanting an increase.
  9. Pax

    Government workers in South Africa want a 10% salary increase

    I would not object to them getting increases if government employees rendered the services expected from them, but no government department does, so why must their remuneration increase at expense of tax paying public for nothing in return?
  10. Pax

    Food prices in South Africa continue to soar – and worse is still to come

    Save on your foodbill ....stop making babies. Longer term solution, but surely it will work.
  11. Pax

    Do you treat people differently based on what they drive?

    The car a person drives tells a lot about what he perceives as good quality, about his personality, e.g. clean and tidy v shoddy, conservative v windgat, e.g. aftermarket bling, Merc v supped Honda, etc. I form a lot lf opinion of a person by their vehicles. All in greater context though, but...
  12. Pax

    Disney+ vs movie tickets and take aways — what R119 gets you

    Wow, what a comparison! Next the price of car tyres vs that of jet to go away cheaper.
  13. Pax

    Which news publications do you subscribe to?

    NONE! Why would anyone pay for something that is free and abundantly available on the www?
  14. Pax

    Petrol price drop expected next week – but it’s bad news for diesel

    If I may show my ignorance....??..... Both petrol and diesel comes out of a distillation process of crude oil (afaik), so if fuel price is determined by the price of crude oil, how can one by-product increase in price while another by-product decrease in price - my understanding is that the...
  15. Pax

    Tyre Brand Recommendations please

    That is a vehicle which takes hangkook tyres. Hankook tyres only fit sedans. I have been a staunch Michelin man, but the prices lately are rediculous. I was recently quoted R700 per tyre more than a Continental equivalent.
  16. Pax

    Which airfryer

    Consider this. We think is is excellent.
  17. Pax

    7 Reasons why it’s easier than ever to make the switch to Mac

    But why would one, being used to a system that works universally, want to move to one that does not function universally? The reasons given in the article are mostly that one CAN use the universally working system on Apple.....but why then change? It is like being able to speak English and then...
  18. Pax

    Gauteng - What to do with incorrect fine?

    Pm me so I can explain to you that you cannot be arrested for an outstanding fine, nor can you car be confiscated......but I think it had been said ad nauseam on this forum. You can only be arrested for contempt of court where you had a court date and did not pitch...NEVER for a camera or...
  19. Pax

    Gauteng - What to do with incorrect fine?

    Either write them a 'Dear John' letter, or bin it. Not much else one can do. Generally people sweat way too much about fines. Mine have over 40 years only ever been filed in the bin.