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    Attention Developers – We’re Hiring! [Full Stack | Cape Town]

    Ekaya is looking for 3 talented full-stack and backend developers to work with our CTO to help create and scale the software that will power the future of the rental property space and how we connect with our homes. We’re a team of passionate designers, developers and support staff who aspire...
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    New Cape Town Startup Looking For Feedback

    [Intro] New Cape Town Startup Looking For Feedback Aweh My name is Ruark and I'm one of the founders. We're a startup based out of Cape Town, South Africa who recently were accepted into the Google/Samsung backed 88MPH accelerator program. We're a mobile app that borrows a little...
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    Durban 2010 website cost R 6.5Million

    [source] [website] 6.5million? at a push this side cost 80k (at a push) Any 1 see any tenders going out for this or was this straight to someones buddy?
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    Secure Digital Download Server

    Hey there peeps. Ive been googling for a while trying to find something, but I dont seem to be using the right search terms. :-/ Basically a client of ours is in the film industry. They do adverts and small shorts for corporate clients. What they need from us is secure hosting so that...
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    XP SP3 fail

    Hey guys/gals, Updated my legit XP Pro from SP2 to SP3 last night. all installed/downloaded well, but after the reboot (required reboot) i cant get into windows. It boots just to the point where you would expect the xp logo & loader to show, and then restarts. If I go into safemode and try...
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    Could it be? Diablo3!?! wow... that would be epic 3days and counting