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    So , Yesterday Randomly clicked on a suggested series on Prime, called Utopia, anyone else seen it? had a search, but couldnt find anything here , really cool series , touches a biiit close to the pandemic home,
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    CellC-> Vodacom

    Just want to find out if this is happening to anyone else, today, i noticed that my cellc is now on vodacom, no amount to forcing a switch makes it go back to cellc :( which is a pitty, Vodacom signal at home and at work is absolute shyte, hence me using cellc
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    Synology DS220j NAS Review

    Afternoon Folks, i was one the lucky people to get my hands on one , first review of a product so here goes.... The Grand Opening The unit was neatly packaged, easily removed, with no silly stickers holding everything closed. Provided manual covered in detail the opening of the unit ( not the...
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    SAS Drives

    Morning all quick question, we had a drive die on our one raid over the weekend, and i need to find 2 new 1tb SAS drives in a hurry. Where could one get them in Gauteng, i see first shop has them in stock, but cant say i've bought from them before, are they reliable?
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    Another "who to use" thread

    So, after months of fights, i've successfully cancelled Vodacom Fiber, and my Line being released "soon" Question is, who to move to. I've heard favorable reviews of Afrihost , but also some "not so" favorable. Any suggestions?
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    Advice on BMW issues

    Morning Folks. Need to get some advice on dealing with a issue with a 1 year old BMW. On the 25th Of April 2019, i took ownership of a 2018 registered 320i , it was apparently a floor demo model. Within the first 3 months i noticed a bit of a misfire. Left it for first service for them to see...
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    Takealot possible leak?

    Seen on twitter Wonder how long before I get yet another mail from haveibeenpwned
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    The Great Hack

    On Netflix, anyone watched it yet?
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    Hetzner name change

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    Breaking Apple Addiction

    Morning all, so all going to plan, im getting a S10 today. Last android i used was a S2 , but now im wondering , have the proverbial "they" found a way to move my whatsapp messages from iOS to Android yet? Any tips on needed apps?
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    Asterisk / Freepbx assistance

    Morning all quick question for the guru's im busy toying with freepbx using sip trunks for inbound and outbound calls, but i seem to be having a issue with adding multiple sip trunks, the moment i activate the second sip trunk i cannot receive calls at all, [2019-01-18 09:58:27] NOTICE[2656]...
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    MTN shares plummet, share trading halted

    JSE suspends trading in MTN shares JSE suspends trading in MTN shares
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    DNS Issue on SBS 2008

    Morning all I'm hoping someone could provide a bit of insight on a DNS issue i am having on SBS 2008, a bit of backround, i started working at a company a few years back, and the main domain controler server is an old sbs 2008 install, which has worked fins until a few weeks ago. As it sits...
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    Server Backup Software

    Hi , can anyone recommend a decent (open source / free if possible) backup tool for a server running sql? Thanks
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    iOs data restriction

    HI All got a strange question... my boss's wife is too dumb to own a phone ( but cant tell him this..) she streams doctor phil all day on her phone, and emptyM only allows a 3 gig reoccuring bundle, which she chews up in a day or 2. Then she "forgets" how to load additional data, and ends up...
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    iPhone 3GS carrier locked

    Hi guys, so someone from work got an old iPhone 3GS from a relative in the states, but its carrier locked to at&t stupidly they did upgrade the phone to 6.1.3 , has anyone got any suggestions on how to unlock this phone to work with south african networks?
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    Zimbabwe finds cure for aids

    Women must bathe less, shave heads to prevent HIV spread' - Zimbabwean Senator
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    Hi Guys / Gals Hope someone could perhaps assist, i am on the hunt for an old / dead hp dv6000/dv9000 laptop, i got one for my dad 3 years ago, and the lcd inveter has gone ( tested by hooking the screen's light up to my old ibm and she lights up) does anyone have a dead laptop that...