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    Rain 5G Gqeberha (PE)

    Who else on the forum has signed up for Rain 5G in Gqeberha (PE) and what's your experience been like? I'm right on the edge of coverage according to the map but still get 3 out of 4 bars of signal. This translates to around 250-300mb down but only 7-12mb up (sometimes as low as 3). Ping usually...
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    MyBB app

    I've installed the MyBB app and it's working really nicely for the most part. However, whenever I visit the iPhone forum it kicks me out of the app and into Safari. Why does this happen?
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    Problems setting up US account

    I'm trying to set up a US account on iTunes using the instructions on but every time I get to the last step it kicks me back, telling me that I need to contact iTunes support to complete the transaction. What am I doing wrong? I really want to set up the account but this is...