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    Mind the speed ISP

    Is it just me or did MTS have issues last night as well as tonight? (2021-10-29 and 2021-10-30)? I am in Centurion on MFN
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    Mind the speed ISP

    Hi All. Quick rant on my side, as it seems the issue is sitting with MFN but MTS just cannot get it solved. I have constant disconnects, ranging from 1-20 times a day which is only resolved with a PPPOE redial. Typically when I am gaming or in a zoom meeting as always... This is in Centurion...
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    Afrihost Pure Fibre Giveaway - Win Free Fibre worth over R25,000

    Location: Centurion Fibre Provider: MFN Package: 200Mbps Uncapped
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    Metrofibre Networxx ISP Feedback

    Thanks for letting me know:)
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    Metrofibre Networxx ISP Feedback

    Does anyone know if you get a public IP from Gigago or MFN directly? As in your own NAtted IP, npt a NAPT IP which everyone is using? I love hosting my own small servers and stuff.
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    HTC Desire (Old standard one) battery

    Good morning MyBB :) I am looking for an HTC desire (the first one) replacement battery as mine doesn't last more than 3 hours anymore. The code is BB99100 I would like to buy one in the shops as this will enable me to get it directly, shipping from ebay etc will take more than a month. So my...