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    is this normal? over 10% packet loss from ping to isp!

    I ran ping plotter and the 2nd hop which is the isp router is ALWAYS above 10% packet loss, not what it used to be months ago.. and ISP says my line is perfect... so is this normal for an ADSL internet of 4MBits/s speed?
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    what is wrong with my ADSL? my ISP says everything is ok but it's not!!!

    I've bought this subscription for over a year now and worked wonderfully for the first 4-5 months, but then everything went down hill overnight webpages are too slow, I should be getting 4MBits/s but I only get less than 0.7MBits/s the only thing working fine is torrent, and when I open...
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    can you help me fix my ADSL? my ISP doesn't know what is wrong!!

    I've had this 4MB ADSL subscription for over a year now, since january 2016, and it was super good for the first 6 months, everything working at full 4MB speed, 70ms-90ms latency in games. but until june things started getting bad, some websites like facebook started to slow down, videos wont...