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  1. T collecting your data even though I did not continue with the quote proces

    I was on while I had my devtools open and closed the tab/window a breakpoint got hit. To my surprise I saw that hippo was sending the data on the form to their server even though I did not continue with the quote process. I just opened their website and closed the tab/window. This...
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    How to transfer Telkom ADSL line to MWEB

    After spending a total of +- 2 hours on the phone with Telkom and MWEB trying to get my ADSL line transferred to MWEB the last person I spoke to in the Telkom call center told me that they need to allocate the line the the infamous "Wholesale holding pool" before MWEB can take ownership of the...
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    Opting for Fredd Fibre

    Lately I have seen a lot of adverts for "Fredd" Broadband service in the area I live(Greenstone Hill Edenvalle). They are now installing Fibre in the Complex I live in, and I am leaning towards subscribing with them. I am opting for the 4Mbps uncapped. Has anybody used these guys? If so what...