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    ANC's ideological energy battle - while South Africa bleeds

    Mantashe needs to be replaced forthwith and Eskom should be run by competent independent engineers who are charged with providing a workable solution to our power problems and held to account by an independent body of power experts, chaired by a competent technical expert, and allowed to get on...
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    Medical aids are increasingly unaffordable - Maya Fisher-French asks them why

    Take Discovery for example. They have expanded business into totally unrelated areas like banking, asset management, fitness centres and short term insurance, using the income generated from the core medical aid business to help finance these alternative businesses. In addition they have built...
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    MTN share price hammered on Nigerian RICA enforcement

    I live in Bedfordview where the MTN signal is pathetic, most often showing no bars or at best one bar, I have had this problem for years and MTN even installed an internal booster in an attempt to improve service. This was a disaster! Recently I sent in a complaint of poor service delivery, to...
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    Nersa wants to charge solar panel users up to 1,000% more for power than big mines

    Typical decision - address the symptom and not the causes, ineptitude, corruption, maladministration, sabotage and overstaffing amongst others!
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    Nersa wants to charge solar panel users up to 1,000% more for power than big mines

    Has anyone investigated how much power would be generated if every household installed a solar system with battery back-up to provide for essential use. It would be interesting to see how much capacity that would free up!
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    Make Covid-19 vaccinations mandatory in SA - experts

    This mandatory demand is pure nonsense. There are world renowned experts like Dr Geert Vanden Bossche, prof. Paul Marik and Dr Pierre Kori, Dr Tess Lawrie and many others who have called for alternative treatments of the pandemic, and say that the longer term risks of problems are just not...
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    Do you think President Cyril Ramaphosa should fire the police, state security, and military ministers?

    Definitely. It's about time that properly qualified and experienced people be appointed to these positions. Commentary given is most often lacking in substantive content and vague as to implementation. The lack of specific objectives and how they will be addressed, is neither helpful nor...
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    Alcohol ban proposed as Gauteng cases rise

    What is almost beyond belief, is the opposition that the use of Ivermectin has had from mass media and the so called professionals, in the face of the stirling work carried out by research scientist Dr Tess Lawrie, Dr Pierre Kory and many other leading scientists. Dr Lawrie a graduate from Wits...
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    Do you think all zoos should be closed?

    Ys they are past their sell-by date. Apart from being able to just view animals in a confined area devoid of their natural habitat, particularly in respect of highly social species, where interaction with their herd or community is an essential part of their healthy existence, no meaningful...
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    Netflix could destroy DStv - MultiChoice

    That's what happens when one creates a monopoly. Multichoice has dominated the South African subscription TV space and charged premium rates for choice that does not appeal to all subscribers, resulting in the word "choice" being to a large degree a fiction. The programmes that are appealing are...
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    FMF: Cigarette ban in SA could last until 2021

    Is this government intentionally trying to bankrupt the country to create an autocracy in the image of China? The actions certainly seem to indicate that another agenda is at work. There is a great deal of evidence available from renowned virologists and immunologists to support the view that...
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    Extending the lockdown is no longer required

    Have you actually read her papers if not don’t comment!
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    Extending the lockdown is no longer required

    Jeez stupidity knows no bounds!
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    Extending the lockdown is no longer required

    I think that the relevant word in the list is stationery, unless of course the whole discussion is stationary!
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    Extending the lockdown is no longer required

    Have you actually researched her credentials or listened to her descriptions as to how viruses and the immune system interact? By the way her research on HIV was transformational.
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    Extending the lockdown is no longer required

    Dr. Judy Mikovits PhD, is an award winning expert in Immunology and and virology in the US who was one of the team who has was actively involved and responsible for identifying that HIV transmission was caused through exposure to bodily fluids and not physical contact as believed at the time...
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    The available renewable energy which Minister Gwede Mantashe said does not exist

    He obviously does not keep up with advancing technology. There is a pilot system (I think) in Upington where parabolic mirrors concentrate sunlight onto receptors that can turn water into steam to run turbines generating electricity. This technology in the US is used to heat special sands up to...