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  1. Hemps

    Adobe Reader auto-update to x64 - Easyfile

    Done a couple of laptops and all stayed on x32 except one, one sob keeps updating to x64 so decided to keep the service under services.msc but just use a different account other than system. So far 3 days and no update to x64
  2. Hemps

    Adobe Reader auto-update to x64 - Easyfile

    CCstopper on Github Also under Services - Adobe Update I changed it to Guest, then disabled Guest. Task scheduler - Disable the Service, then go in and remove the Triggers. Hosts file, think the list to block adobe anything is on github.
  3. Hemps

    Synology NAS Giveaway - Enter here

    Manage smartly, find specific photo easily Organize photos by albums, facial recognition, geolocation, and custom tags.
  4. Hemps

    Plex's free DStv competitor tested

    Plex Pass, only benefit I'm seeing for me is maybe Hardware Transcoding and maybe PlexAmp IOS.
  5. Hemps

    Prehistoric Planet (2022)

    With everything going HDR these days, thinking of upgrading my 1080p TV.
  6. Hemps

    First things you going to watch on Disney+

    The Bad Batch Car S.O.S Primal Survivor Simpsons .....
  7. Hemps

    Further incidents of sabotage at Eskom power stations thwart efforts to halt load shedding

    Can MyCadre not ask the EFF "fighters" to guard our infrastructure - pretty please with a tender on top.
  8. Hemps

    Let's design our own UPS

    Anything I can do with these?
  9. Hemps

    Mustek CEO David Kan (62) has died

    Young and ambitious , RIP
  10. Hemps

    ‘A catastrophe’ – Minister Bheki Cele describes shocking work conditions for SA police

    Just all round incompetency , all is good as long as the people in charge look like me and are the right colour regardless of ability. Incompetency from the top flows down to the bottom. They are always shocked or surprised!
  11. Hemps

    Stellenbosch University student's belongings urinated on in allegedly racist incident

    I think if they had done it before most news outlets and political parties will come out looking like they don't want forgiveness but revenge. It's like "owning" the news first. I did something wrong , I'm sorry.
  12. Hemps

    Stellenbosch University student's belongings urinated on in allegedly racist incident

    Best way forward, they should of done this after the incident when everything starting hitting the fan. Wine farmer and agricultural student, hint hint.
  13. Hemps

    Low pay and racism in the Western Cape bogged down Census 2022, Stats SA says

    I'm sorry but the last thing I want or care about at the end of day of work, bad drivers, pot holes, loadshedding and reading about my tax money squandered etc etc etc Is to now waste my free time on this kak.
  14. Hemps

    Stellenbosch University student's belongings urinated on in allegedly racist incident

    He could of been spurred on to get drunk by his friends/peers. He looks very young so maybe not too familiar with alcohol, we all been there and drank more than we should of. I'm of the opinion he should be suspended, community service , apologize etc instead everyone wants to see him hang...
  15. Hemps

    Question: How to prepare the best steak

    Salt steak a couple hours before you cook, this simple process just seems to work for me, cant remember when last I had a tough steak. I even take left over steak for lunch the next day and it's still tender. Namibia still has the best tasting steaks, not sure why must be the environment, I'm...
  16. Hemps

    WINNERS - Synology NAS Reviewers needed

    Congrats, lucky buggers
  17. Hemps

    McDonald's has launched an investigation after a frog was found in a burger in Mpumalanga

    I'm guessing you put 100s burgers together each day 5 days a week on kak pay, you tend to behave like a drone. That and the McD I have been to the workers are usually having a good conversation at the back.
  18. Hemps

    Post Office stops grant payments due to "challenges"

    Handed off to Checkers Usave Shoprite Pick ‘n Pay Boxer The queues are crazy for those in line to receive this, scary the number of people queueing, I also wonder what goes through their minds viewing people with FULL trollies of groceries at the tills right next to them. Viewing the shoppers...