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    Showmax recommends a simple password

    I am frustrated by having to use the DSTV Explora on-screen keyboard to sign in to Showmax. My email address is quite long and my password is a mix of upper and lower case characters, numbers and special characters. It can take me 2 or 3 minutes to sign in which is why I don't watch much...
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    Problem with No-ip and Kguard

    I have ddns with No-ip and I have setup all the necessary network devices and my DVR. Using the Kguard app on my Samsung phone I am able to view my CCTV cameras when I am away from home. It works perfectly. However there is a problem when the phone is connected to the home network. Kguard...
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    UberEATS so slow

    Ordered from a local restaurant (±2 km) on Saturday evening at around 17:10. ETA 17:37. At 18:22 the ETA is now 18:30. I know the restaurant well and I know that it won't take them this long to prepare the order. So UberEATS must be at fault. Order arrived 18:35. I usually use Mr D and it...
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    Restricted SMS

    I am trying to send the following SMS from my Vodacom number to another Vodacom number #809# but it won't deliver. #test# works OK but it seems that any digits between hashtags is being restricted. Does anyone know why?