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    Getaway Ideas Near Durban

    Hi guys, Does anyone have any recommendations on where myself and my girlfriend can go for a long weekend around the Durban area? We dont mind driving a bit so really anywhere in KZN would suit. We have already done the midlands and are quite keen on maybe doing something in the south coast...
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    Curry Restaurant Durban

    Hi guys, I was in the UK recently and went to a curry restaurant where you ordered your curry, rice and naan separately and there were lots of flavor options for each. I really enjoyed the fact that it was an actual restaurant and that they offered curries like Butter Chicken and Rogan Josh...
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    Discovery Essential Smart GP's

    Hi all, Is anyone on the discovery essential smart plan and can share the list of smart network GP's that are covered by the plan? Discovery doesn’t allow you to view this list until you are signed up to the plan. Thanks in advance.
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    Durban Blood Tests

    Hi guys, So I am keen to get some blood tests done just to ensure I am not deficient in anything and am overall in good health. Does anyone know where I can get this done and if I have to go through my doctor? Thanks!
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    Sports Massage Durban North

    Hi guys, I am looking for a good sports massage therapist based in Durban North, any recommendations? Thanks!
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    Smartphone Shop Advice

    Hi guys, I am interested in buying a Oneplus 6t from a store I found call Smartphone Shop Has anyone purchased anything from them before? I am also curious to how their warranties...
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    Best Bluetooth in ear earphones for R300?

    Hi guys, As the title says, I am looking to get a pair of Bluetooth in ear earphones to use at the gym, looking top spend no more than R300, any suggestions? Thanks!
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    Bluetooth Transmitter Recommendations

    Hi guys, I am looking for a Bluetooth transmitter that I can plug into the aux port of my TV so I can connect a Bluetooth headset. My main concern is latency as I can't cope with sound and picture not being in sync. Does anybody have any recommendations for me? Thanks!
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    Netflix US Options

    Hey guys, I was curious as to how many of you have access to US Netflix and how you are accessing it? I know Netflix are blocking a lot of VPN's so am curious as to what you guys to do have constant access to US shows. VPN? DNS? Do you have a raspberry Pi setup? Mobile Solution? Thanks!
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    Imported Sweets in Durban

    Hi guys, Does anyone know of a good online/physical store in Durban that sells a good range of imported sweets, chocolates, sodas etc? Whenever I travel abroad I like to try sweets and chocolates specific to that country, but now I can't get any of them again and that's a problem...
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    Porting Vodacom number to FNB Connect

    Hey guys, I am looking to end my contract with Vodacom as I am still happy with my current phone and would like to move to a contract that just gives me data and minutes. When comparing Vodacom and FNB there is no denying that FNB has much better value for money. My question is, would...
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    Mweb adsl line issues

    We used to be on a very expensive mweb package for R1500/PM, 10mbps and recently dropped to a 10mbps option but with an 800Gb cap. We made this change because we never ever got to 10mbps anyway and hoped that a capped account would be better. While we are now getting better speeds the...
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    New York Trip - Tips Please!

    Hi guys, I am traveling to New York in December and will be there for 7 days. I am hoping you can suggest some cool things to do, see or eat that isn't going to break the bank. While I do like the typical tourist stuff, like the Statue of Liberty, these can take up your whole day and...
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    International Travel - FNB

    Hi guys, End of this year I am travel to New York and was wondering what the easiest and most cost effective way to pay for things is. I have heard about the International Travel Card from FNB but a lot of people still recommend using your CC for ebucks. Any suggestions on what the best...
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    Teaching Abroad

    Hi guys, My parents have been teachers here in SA for the past 30 odd years and are now looking to teach overseas. Their reason for going is to travel (they have not yet been able to do that their whole lives), as well as hopefully save up some money for when they come back in a few years...
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    New vs Used Car

    Hi guys, So I am starting to look for a new car and I was wondering what the general consensus is on new vs used. With new I have heard some stories from a friend who got a new VW Vivo, but when they took it in for the service they were told about a bunch of things needing to be replaced...
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    New car for under R250K

    Hi guys, I am looking to get a new car on finance and don't want to spend more than R3000 pm. It seems this would cap the value of the cars I can afford to about R250K. So far my top 2 are the Mazda 2 and the Kia Rio. I would like to avoid VW due to the high risk of theft and want to...
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    Bringing Supplements (Tablets) in from the UK

    Hi guys, My girlfriend is going across to the UK in a few months and I was hoping she would be able to bring some supplements back for me. What I am worried about is that the supplements are in tablet form. Is there any rules/ limits on bringing tablets back from the UK in your luggage...
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    Need Wifi Upstairs

    Hi Guys, I have my modem downstairs in my house but the signal is very weak when I get to my bedroom upstairs. I was going to go with a normal range extender but apparently they just boost the weak signal further. Also the Ethernet over power line options seem to be quite expensive and...
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    Looking for Wicker Picnic Basket - Durban

    Hi guys, I am looking for a good quality wicker picnic basket in Durban but for under R1000. I have found some on NetFlorist but due to the price including the fruit ect I was worried the actually basket might not be of the best quality. Thanks!