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    SARS efiling unexpected error

    Anyone else received the above error and how was it fixed?
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    Cable supplier

    Where do a find a supplier of the clover leaf cable in ZA at a decent price?
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    The WiFi Boost scam

    So this ad was pushed to me on fakebook: I would love to meet the two rocket scientists who invented it as I can't find them on google, linkedin or fakebook. What fascinates me is how a R150 manufacturing cost price of hardware can do deep...
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    Refurbished servers

    I am on the hunt for refurbished second hand servers and specifically it needs to be a minimum Xeon 4 core. Preferably a 1u pizza box. I have searched on google and the pickings are non-existent for Joburg. Anyone have any more useful pointers or references???
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    tshirt printer

    I am looking for a tshirt printer and the guys that I contacted via google searches don't respond. Anyone have a good reference?
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    Health and safety being ignored

    All the health and safety onboarding and paper work done by Vodacom and MTN and then they allow this.... (bridge over highway on Douglasdale Rd)
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    USB dongle

    What is the best USB dongle to use on the Vodacom network to attach to a router?
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    Plain vanilla ADSL with no wifi?????

    It has been so long since I've bought an ADSL modem. Is there still someone who sells just the ADSL modem with no wifi???? Like this one which the web site says is EOL???
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    IT Blog Awards hosted by Cisco

    Today is the last day to vote for me (Ronald Bartels) in the International IT Blog Awards awards at the following link: - please vote
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    IT Blog Awards hosted by Cisco

    Please vote for Ronald Bartels in the IT Blog Awards as one of the only South African finalists. Please vote here:
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    White box routers, switches and firewalls

    I am searching for white box router, switch and firewall hardware. Is there a company in ZA that specializes in these or do I need to import them myself?
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    SIM based tracking

    Who has the most cost effective SIM based tracking service?
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    Are others also experiencing that Afrihost via OpenServe has gone for a ball of chalk? Worse than a congested portable toilet at a rock concert!
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    Disconnected - parks off at the old water cooler

    I hear the network was switched off? Moves over to the water cooler to ponder connectivity? Anyone have a Scotch?
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    iBurst DNS

    The DNS for iBurst is (Johannesburg), (Cape Town) and (Durban) Often claims are made in this forum about iBurst's DNS so I downloaded Google's Namebench and tested the DNS from a remote location with a UTID. Here are...
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    Snow Leopard

    To connect iBurst to Snow Leopard you will need to use the Intel Core Duo drivers and install ( From here you can setup the PPPoE connection from Apple sign(Top Left) -> System Preferences -> Network. You will select the...
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    *READ FIRST* iBurst Network Status & Issues (DNS, Throughput and Latency)

    If you have experienced an issue first check the Network Status page to identify whether there are base stations in your area with an issue: iBurst Network Status You can also check: iBurst Incident Reports and: iBurst on Twitter To report a fault, call 087 720 7200 (free from your iCall phone)...
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    The iBurst Flea Market

    I created a group for buying and selling modems second hand
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    Problems accessing certain web sites on iBurst

    If you are experiencing problems accessing certain web sites on iBurst but they work fine on other ISPs please report them here.