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  1. KT-B

    Keep one, change one (V)

    This is a continuation of the last. There will be two words. Keep one and change one. *I made the thread as it has been over two hours since the last was closed. It should have been @Arthur AnymoreDonuts ;) His was the last post. The Beginning
  2. KT-B

    Last Poster Wins IX: LPW Reboot

    The rules are simple. Be the last person to post before the thread is closed - and you will be the winner. Traditionally it closes once it reaches 10k posts - that can change though. So be vigilant. Normal forum rules of common decency apply. Chat and have fun!
  3. KT-B

    Editing white balance in Lightroom

    It has been a while since I shot with my lights. Seems I did not have my whitebalance set correctly. As a result, my white backdrop isn't white. How can I change it in Lightroom without messing up the actual person's colours ? I either get them a pinky colour or greyish. I shot both Jpeg...
  4. KT-B

    MyBB 24 March 2019 meet (CT)

    I am travelling to CT on the 24th March and a few guys wanted to get together. So we decided to turn it into a meet. Location and Time: Bossa, Tygerfalls, 4pm (or earlier) Attending: @spiderz @EMAM @Thor +1 @KT-B @theratman @copacetic Possible: @neowonderboy +1 @Budza @lord-of-war...
  5. KT-B

    The Secret Life of Pets 2 (All Trailers)

    This looks cute
  6. KT-B

    PCFormat - a blast from our past (the forum not only the mag)

    Calling all ex PCF forumites! I have great news for you!!!!! I am way too impatient. This morning Ron2K shared this with me... Incase you don't see the link in his text. I have started reading it - OMG! What a fantastic thing he has done. Thanks...
  7. KT-B

    Earth's Ghost Moons

    So it has come to light (1961 about) that the earth has these "Ghost" moons. Two of them in fact. You cannot land on them like we can our other moon. They are patches of cosmic dust that are in orbit about the earth. And it seems they have been for a very long time. It is really difficult...
  8. KT-B

    Girls Talk and Stuff - back by popular demand.

    There have been complaints from the guys that they do not want to know about our nails - our hair - our other issues in the normal chat threads. So what about a thread dedicated to all those things we want to chat about? Yes - I know there aren't that many girls/ladies/women here but it is not...
  9. KT-B

    MS PowerBI

    I have recently joined a project introducing a client's employees to Office365 and the Apps they will be using. One being PowerBI. Now I have developed Dashboards in Excel, and I train a Dashboard creation course. But playing with PowerBI, I am totally blown away. Dashboards have never been...
  10. KT-B

    Need someone to make a Gif for a client

    I have a client who would like to make a Gif of their logo for their landing page. It would entail taking Da Vinci's Renaissance man and creating a beating heart in his chest that slowly becomes visible. I will give you more details if you are interested. They are, of course, willing to...
  11. KT-B

    [Wanted]: New Avatar

    Hi I am looking for someone who is willing to design an avvie for me to use until the end of the year. I have always been fortunate to have friends who have designed amazing avatars which I have used in the past, so hoping to do the same. This is the one I was using - but as Halloween is...
  12. KT-B

    Severe: Twitch Stream

    Just a plug for my daughter. She has started a Twitch stream and is hoping to gather a following. She plays CSGO, PUBG, Fortnite (though the admits she sucks at that one). Her IGN is Severe and her boyfriend uses the name Crucial (you may have heard of him in CSGO circles). They will be...
  13. KT-B

    Wanted: Comic Con Africa Ticket for Saturday

    Hi - anyone with a spare ticket they want to get rid of for Saturday? I am one short. Daughter's boyfriend would like to go with us. Please PM me with cost if you do have one.
  14. KT-B

    [Wanted] Programming Ethics and Documentation course

    I have a client that is looking for a 1/2 to 1 day training course on Programming ethics and documentation. I have not been able to find any in Gauteng. Anyone know of places or people offering such training? Anyone specialising in this field? I have been asked to create one, and while...
  15. KT-B

    Play Overwatch FREE this weekend

    For those of you who have not yet tried Overwatch - it is Free this weekend (Blizzard account required)