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  1. phly

    Altcoin Thread - 2019

    Thought this should be created to discuss all the alts that exist out there. Is it alt season yet or Bitcoin has not settled enough for the alt season to start? Some are popping up and others are at their lowest. Could it be a question of time before we see altcoins outpace bitcoins recent growth?
  2. phly

    Bitcoin Wallet

    Good Day What is the recommended Bitcoin wallet of choice. I know there are some such as exodus, jaxx, edge etc but which ones are robust, tried and tested and hopefully safe to use. Looking for something to help with regards to payments on online platforms that accept bitcoin or will Luno suffice?
  3. phly

    Carbonite Seized

  4. phly

    Rain Dashboard improved

    I see Rain Mobile has updated their dashboard and one can now see the data used and basically their usage daily for the entire month. Quite decent and informative I reckon. If only that would also happen for Rain Fixed LTE somehow. I am not holding my breathe for that though.
  5. phly

    CorelDraw finally comes to Mac

    So some good news for those of you who are designers, old school and have always relied on Coreldraw for design work. CorelDraw finally decided to embrace the Mac eco system and bring their 2019 iteration to the Mac OS. Strange that they have waited so long as some already jumped ship to Adobe...
  6. phly

    App to bind mouse side buttons

    Hi, does anyone know of an alternative to Steermouse or a free way to bind the side keys on a 3rd party generic mouse? The mouse does not have any special software as its a general generic mouse and the other alternative I have tried called bettertouchTool also does not work - I can bind button...
  7. phly

    Afrihost Rep

    Good Day, Any afrihost ninjas around or are folks still on holiday? I have a pressing issue and I keep getting tossed from pillar to post. Help!
  8. phly

    CellC Afrihost Fixed LTE dead

    Good day So it only dawned on me that MTN Cell C flop that i was unaware of until today is the reason I have not been having data since the !st of this month. I also did not realize what a widespread issue this was until I visited this forum. Are there any alternatives to Cell C/Afrihost...
  9. phly

    Brave Browser - very impressive

    So I gave the brave broswer another look today and I must say I am really impressed. It is actually faster than chrome. It's now based on chromium meaning chrome plugins work with Brave Browser. I just had to take it for a spin today and i made the switch. As much as i love Chrome, it was a...
  10. phly

    Rain fixed LTE data now showing

    Finally, one can now see the remainder of their balance after weeks of using data and not knowing how much data one has used. The dashboard is still not showing daily data usage like cellc fixed LTE does however one can see the data used and the data remaining. Glad they fixed that issue.
  11. phly


    So I just came across it when searching for cheap data on telkom's website. It was mentioned that something was in the pipeline but nothing had been finalized but here it is. 5GB contract + 3 months Netflix. Maybe an official article will appear on MyBB front page soon. I think it will cause...
  12. phly

    Zed Note II

    Item: Zed Note II Age and condition: Good condition, 4 months old Do you include packaging: Yes Warranty: Yes, with incredible connection Reason for selling: To buy bitcoin whilst it's still cheap. Price: R2300 (Negotiable) Location: Randburg/Lanseria Shipping or Collection: Prefer collection/...
  13. phly

    Media Server (weekend project)

    So I got my hands on a D link DSL G225. I am thinking of doing a media server of sorts. I already own a Huawei B618 which works fine with rain sim card. I have always wanted a wireless network all round the house. Right now there are no issues and the B618 serves media to all devices in the...
  14. phly

    55GB Rain/Afrihost deal

    Good Day Is there anyone lucky enough to be moving over to fibre and letting go/cancelling their 55GB double data deal (for those that got it back in november last year). My data needs have slightly increased and the 25+25 deal is not enough anymore so looking for 55+55 deal - I reckon its...
  15. phly

    B618 as a media server

    Good day all, is it possible to have the Huawei B618 router act as a media server when one has attached say a USB/external to it? I have gone through the settings and managed to set up the external which is plugged in directly to the router and I can view the folder structure on my laptop...
  16. phly

    Spend Limit on Rain Mobile

    How does spend limit work on Rain mobile?? I was under the impression that if you order a sim and use it till your 15 days pass then you wont be able to connect at all IF spend limit is set to 0. Which it is in my case. I even get a message saying I have reached my spend limit but there is a...
  17. phly

    Windows 10 Update everytime

    Good Day A family member recently got a toy - iLife Zed Note 2 in 1( iLife Zed Note ). Its a very basic 2 in 1 with only like 2GB ram and a 32GB hard drive - both not upgradable as far as I can tell. The issue I have is her toy keeps "hogging + depleting" bandwidth and internet using up the...
  18. phly

    Mi Box Newbie

    So I am the lucky owner of a Mi Box. Went for it as its google certified. I am also a newbie to the world of streaming and I only started getting my feet wet in the world of streaming a few weeks back - First on pc and now on Tv as well thanks to Xiaomi. I have a number of question as I have...
  19. phly

    Remove netflix black bars

    Hi all, so I discovered netflix and like many people I am hooked. No wonder the company are posting record profits each year. Once they get you to sign up and see whats on offer you are not likely to cancel the subscription In any case my main issues is most of what I see has black bars above...
  20. phly

    DSTV (FTA Channels)

    Good Day Does anyone know how one can get the FTA channels with the recent HD 4u decoders. I have heard of people that have them but I just cant seem to get them on my end. I reckon the settings I have are correct too. Perhaps dish is orientated abit far to get them properly but still right...