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    FNB launches support for Samsung Pay

    Standard Bank need to come to the party. While their Mastercards have been on the system since inception, VISA cards are still not accepted by Samsung Pay.
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    DStv Premium vs Netflix and Fibre

    You missed an important difference in the two - How easy it is to get. Netflix: Go online and sign-up DSTV: Enter your contact details and wait for us to call you. (I've been waiting two weeks now, and I've sent multiple requests both on the DSTV website and on Messenger)
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    How to prevent load-shedding from frying your smartphone and PC

    "Purchase a UPS", "Purchase a generator", blah blah blah blah. All this costs money. How about a tax rebate for everything I have to spend to keep my business going? How about removing VAT from such products?
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    MultiChoice executive salaries and DStv Premium prices – the inconvenient truth

    13.9 million subscribers, R7.7m CEO salary. So each subscriber is contributing 55c to the CEO salary. Now let's halve his salary and you can reduce my subscription by 26c. That will definetely help me get through the month.
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    Duracell vs Energizer - The longest-lasting AA battery in South Africa

    Evidently the first 2 Duracells tested may be from an older batch, as you pointed out, but Duracell put an expiry date on the packaging. Ethically I would then expect to get the same performance out of an older, but still inside expiry, battery as I would form a new one. Maybe the shelf life...
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    SA Post Office backlog clearance claim – Here is the truth

    Don't need to. Yesterday, in Halfway House I received a letter from the Organ Donors Foundation in Cape Town posted on 10 August 2018. That's two months ago.
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    Samsung Pay Giveaway - Win a Samsung Connect & Control Speaker and other prizes

    Samsung Pay is great because I don't have to carry quite so much plastic. However, I don't use it much because only ONE of my FOUR payment cards works with Samsung Pay, and if possible I use Zapper or SnapScan because I don't have to wait for the waitron to bring 'the machine'. Also Samsung...
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    Comic Con Africa and rAge vs the biggest gaming and geek events in the world

    I think that these stats would be more realistic if they were given as percentage of the country's population
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    Showmax recommends a simple password

    Thanks for this. I have no idea,. Everytime I want to watch Showmax I am required to log in. If this is not the norm then nobody at Showmax nor DSTV has bothered to tell me. I'll investigate further
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    Showmax recommends a simple password

    Not at all, which is the issue that I'm having. It takes too long to log in
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    Showmax recommends a simple password

    I am frustrated by having to use the DSTV Explora on-screen keyboard to sign in to Showmax. My email address is quite long and my password is a mix of upper and lower case characters, numbers and special characters. It can take me 2 or 3 minutes to sign in which is why I don't watch much...
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    Problem with No-ip and Kguard

    That sounds like a reasonable idea. I'll give it a go. Thanks
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    Problem with No-ip and Kguard

    I know that B does actually work, but since I then have two entries for the same DVR half of the feeds are blank, depending on which entry is operational. This is also not as "plug and play" as I would like for my wife to use. And again, it is the principle of the thing. I should be able to...
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    Problem with No-ip and Kguard

    I have ddns with No-ip and I have setup all the necessary network devices and my DVR. Using the Kguard app on my Samsung phone I am able to view my CCTV cameras when I am away from home. It works perfectly. However there is a problem when the phone is connected to the home network. Kguard...
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    UberEATS so slow

    Ordered from a local restaurant (±2 km) on Saturday evening at around 17:10. ETA 17:37. At 18:22 the ETA is now 18:30. I know the restaurant well and I know that it won't take them this long to prepare the order. So UberEATS must be at fault. Order arrived 18:35. I usually use Mr D and it...
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    Restricted SMS

    I am trying to send the following SMS from my Vodacom number to another Vodacom number #809# but it won't deliver. #test# works OK but it seems that any digits between hashtags is being restricted. Does anyone know why?