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  1. Honey Badger

    Answering calls from numbers not stored on your phone

    I've now read a few times on this forum about people not answering calls from numbers not stored on their phone. I'm not I understand the logic. Unknown/private numbers I can understand. What if it's a friend who's got a new number for some reason, or your SO lost their phone so borrowed...
  2. Honey Badger

    Xiaomi battery issue

    I bought two Redmi Note 5's last year - one for myself and one for the wife. My wife spends around 3 to 4 hours per day on hers as part of her business. Me, on the other hand, hardly ever makes or fields calls because I hate talking on the phone. I've always though of myself as someone who...
  3. Honey Badger

    Tax and Cardless Transactions

    I've just had a chat with someone who gets paid via eWallet and it made me realise that with these cardless payments, SARS would have no idea about these kinds of monies moving around since it's not linked to an ID number. Am I missing something here?
  4. Honey Badger

    Office cleaner using walking stick - legal implications?

    So recently, I noticed that our floor's office cleaner has been using a walking stick while doing her duties. She's always had a bad gait/limp, but in recent times the doctor prescribed her the walking stick to assist in walking. Yes, I've asked her about it. Does anybody know the labour law...
  5. Honey Badger

    How do watched threads work

    This is getting annoying, especially when using the app. I have no interest in these two threads, yet Zenforo decided that I need to be informed of any new posts to it. @rpm, is this a bug of some sort? I'm referring to the "Dash Cam" and "What books changed your life" threads.
  6. Honey Badger

    Physical Credit Card Alternatives

    So my sister's son has been leaching off of my bank account for a VPS that he's hosting some game server and Lord knows what else on. He hasn't paid me for the last few months so I want to cut him off. Only problem is he doesn't have a CC (he's 15). Is there any sort of prepaid virtual card...
  7. Honey Badger

    Anybody here own a 2011 BMW 320i Exclusive?

    A friend of mine approached me because he's selling his car. This was his weekend car since he has another. The reason he wants to sell it is because he's going through some financial hardships. Reason why I'm considering the deal is because our (we only have one) car is 12 years old and is...
  8. Honey Badger

    Being included in an email by accident

    I'm not sure what to make of this. I've just received a mail from a company I'm dealing with - I'm not going to go into specifics because they're highly likely to have a presence on the forum/ In the mail, they're talking about my account and the service they're offering me and also something...
  9. Honey Badger

    Donating to a worthy cause

    Myself and @The_Mowgs have found ourselves in a peculiar position. We have R100 to donate to a worthy cause so we need some help. Up the pledge by R10 and by R1000 we donate the money to an institution of @rpm's choosing on behalf of the family. Go.
  10. Honey Badger

    The Official MyBB Mascot is here.

    Ladies and gents, for those who hasn't had the pleasure of seeing @spiderz' mini yet, I introduce to you:
  11. Honey Badger

    Cape Town Meet - June 2019

    Let's get going. Vote! 29 June 2019 at 14:00 Confirmed: @The_Mowgs @EMAM @Thor @WAslayer @aleksandar @SauRoNZA @spiderz @Synstalker @Flarsiep @Safyrbleu @ginggs @Wasabee! @irBosOtter @carstensdj @akescpt d7e7r7 @theratman @smi Tentative: @cbrunsdonza @ArtyLoop @RickMaver47 @Gordon_R @genetic...
  12. Honey Badger

    What to do with a broken TV

    I have an old 50" LG plasma which fell a few months ago standing in my garage. It still goes on, but has a massive bleeding spot and the screen is also cracked. Given that they don't make plasma's anymore and also the fact that this POS drew 300w at the wall - so I wouldn't have fixed it if I...
  13. Honey Badger

    ATT CoCT motorists: Pay the parking marshal or you won't be able to renew your car licence!

    I seem to recall someone asking what would happen if you don't pay these guys after parking on CoCT parking bays, well, my wife just found out for you. She came to pick me up from work in Bellville and while waiting for me, went to buy a few things. When she got back she was handed the below...
  14. Honey Badger

    Cape Town meet - 26 May 2019 at Dros, Okavango Crossing, Kraaifontein

    We're organising another meet for the Cape Town clowns with a special guest appearance by @KT-B for the 26th of May. We'll be meeting at Dros, Okavango Crossing from 12:00 onwards. Please note: this is not a sponsored event! Currently confirmed attendees: @Honey Badger @The_Mowgs @WAslayer...
  15. Honey Badger

    WISP covering Delft, CT

    Hi gents I'm trying to help someone who's running a business in Delft and requires an uncapped connection. Due to cable theft, Telkom is no longer replacing the copper cables that were stolen. Any WISP provider who can help with a 4mb downlink - he wants to be able to watch Netflix, so...
  16. Honey Badger

    CoCT Municipal Statement question

    I logged onto the CoCT's site to check what my municipal account balance is. I've always sent my meter reading in, but forgot the last time and on 9 April someone came out to read my meter for the first time ever (transfer happened on 30 November 2018). Suddenly from an outstanding balance of...
  17. Honey Badger

    The good ol' banter thread

    Go, go, go, go!
  18. Honey Badger

    Cape Town meet produces 108.33% turnout

    OK, The_Mowgs didn't show up, making it only a 100% turnout. @The_Mowgs @Craig @aleksandar @Fro @Chuckmyster @SauRoNZA @dualmeister @RickMaver47 @Carly @WAslayer @Gordon_R @Thor @spiderz
  19. Honey Badger

    Interbank EFT

    Can someone explain why, in this day and age, I have to wait two business days for money that someone transfered from FNB to my ABSA account. Do they use a truck to physically move all the money from bank to bank??? WTAF!
  20. Honey Badger

    Most efficient way to heat up house

    Judging by the temperature in the Cape for the next few days, I need to find a way to heat up my house. Unfortunately, due to its design, a fireplace isn't something that I can consider (would have loved to though). What do you guys use to keep warm?