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  1. J

    Have you received spam on your mobile phone screen?

    Like everyone else I receive the usual SMS spam, but this morning I received one of those "You have won R250 000 in the RICA draw etc etc" message on MY IPHONE'S SCREEN! Has anyone else seen this? This is new to me and the message has disappeared. The only other time I receive messages on my...
  2. J

    Telkom Fish Hoek ADSL slow/down August 13 2012

    Does anyone have any idea when full ADSL service will be restored to Telkom subscribers in the Fish Hoek area? Thanks in advance
  3. J

    I can't find any Google Apps for my iPhone

    Hi, is anyone else experiencing this problem since the weekend: A search on iTunes does not show up any Google apps, like Google Earth, for South African iPhones. Strange. Very strange.