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    How to read this figures from Telkom

    I have a mobile Wi Fi account with Telkom of 10GB and 10GB night. Just want to check my daily data usage and I cant find how to get this. I don’t understand these figures can some one explain what are they. Thank you
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    Problem with router password

    Huawei WiFi router B618s – 65d I enter the address On Statistics window asks to enter user name and password I have with me as both “admin” but it responds as “incorrect user name or password” Please help to get this correct. Thank you
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    WiFi router connection password

    OS: Ubuntu 16.04 Router: HUAWEI B618s-65d After registering at WiFi management with new username and password on http://homerouter.cpe next time I go to same URL it does not accept the password these been repeat many times. Please help and explain what I should do to correct. Thank You
  4. J reconnection

    I for many years use to check my daily use of ADSL cap but last year I last the connection by my password is incorrect. How I reconnect to this service and register a new password. Thank you
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    Monthly usage summary

    I stop receiving an email with Telkom DSL daily usage summary. How to get this working again? Thank you
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    Been hacked

    My PC been hacked what to do next?
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    alias password

    How to change my alias email password
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    change alias email

    How to change my alias email password