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    Best priced B&M computer hardware store in Cape Town?

    I've recently moved to Cape Town, so would like to find out from the locals where the best priced brick and mortar places are if you need to pop in and pick up a router, or some RAM sticks etc etc. Obviously you can usually get great prices from online stores, but sometimes you just want to...
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    Hey guys. Please vote for my pic :)

    Hey guys. Could I ask a huge favour? Could you please vote for my photo here It's one of the 20 finalists It's the one on the top right (autumn/mountains look). I will greatly appreciate it PS no registration etc required! :) Thanks a stack!
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    If you're on a Mango flight in January... sure to check out a full page photo of mine in the inflight magazine :) Should probably create a thread for members to let others know when they have a pic published
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    Acer Drivers - Local Mirror?

    Anyone know if there is a local mirror for the drivers hosted on ? Besides the fact that the drivers I require come to about 900MB, the server keeps timing out. Hope someone knows of something! Thanks! EDIT: I am aware of the http downloads of the...
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    Gmail - Now with official themes!

    And they look pretty sweet as well :)
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    Virgin Mobile Festival in December

    Anyone have any more information regarding the Virgin Mobile Festival apparently happening in Cape Town (16th Dec) and Joburg (13th Dec) in December? The lineup is being announced tomorrow, I hear. It could be related to the NIN rumours that have been going around lately as I see they played at...
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    Pretty accurate anagram generator...

    ...especially when typing in SA politician names :) Go here For example type in: Nelson Mandela you get back: Lean and solemn type in: Manto Tshabalala-Msimang you get back: Anal blasting as a mammoth nuff said Post your finds here :)
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    Springboks relieved as whales crisis resolved

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    Free Windows desktop application launched to monitor power cuts

    Hey guys, We've just released a useful little application to monitor and act upon detected outages. Below is the press release for the application which should hopefully explain it a bit more. Screenshots and more information about the application can be found on the download page...