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    Anybody in SA using speeduino? Also where can i find TXL or 22Awg or similar wire in Cape Town.. (Automotive use)
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    Alternative to Cellc and rain fixed LTE

    Another alternative to Cellc and rain fixed LTE. Cellc: signal disappears more regular than before. Rain : limited signal. Telkom: hell no! Any other advice? Month to month and good value for money in terms of gigs.
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    Display port to hdmi

    Anyone have issues with display Port DP to HDMI adapter? Tried different adapter's differ HDMI cables monitor and TV still says no signal. Dell 3020 tower. 5th Gen i5. Lenovo think Centre - 6th Gen i5 All graphic drivers updated. .. What can be the issue?
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    Network share keeps dropping

    Hi I have 2 Pc's A&B with network share setup on the A . So i can see all the shared folders On pc B But after a while the network share drops then i have to restart the pc then it works again. Sometimes theres no activity then after few hours i try to use it then the neterin share is gone ...