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    Samsung Gear Active

    Item: Samsung Galaxy Gear Active Age: Less Then 3 Months Price: 3999 Warranty: Yes With Samsung Packaging: Yes Condition: 10/10 Location Durban Reason Prefer A Fitbit Shipping:Yes Buyer Pays For Shipping Collection:Yes Also Available Price is negotiable :) will to swop for a Fitbit Versa
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    Samsung One Ui Launcher Vs Nova Launcher

    Hi,which launcher can you guys recommend me to use from Nova Launcher And Samsung Popular One Ui? I with like to see what you guys rate as the difference in launchers and which one is more popular to you guys, as I'm a little confused as to which one I prefer. So Opionions will help me[emoji6]
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    My Laptop Won't Fully Shut Down

    When I finish use my laptop after a couple of hours and decide to switch it off the power light stays on[The Button Stays On] Screen and Board Does Go Off] which results in me having to pull out the cable or disconnect the battery and restart from scratch But if I switch off after a...
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    Reviews On PhoneTrader

    Hi, I with like to know did any ever use this company and got a review of it?
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    Telkom Incorrect Charging.

    Hi, if any one can help me with this matter [emoji24] I terminated my Telkom Adsl line on 9th October 2018, its now the 23rd May 2019[I Phoned Telkom previously like 3-4 times before this and they always told me they acknowledged the mistake and I will be credited for being charged for...
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    22seven By Old Mutual [Not To Sure]

    Hi does any one use 22seven by old mutual? Any opionion on the application, is it safe? As i see it with like you banking details to log in your account Below is the link to the Application/Website Please do let me know your opinions :)
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