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    Nvidia Shield Tv - Any tips/tricks must have apps etc ?

    Hi Recently got a Nvidia Shield mainly to stream content from my pc and maybe some games (not priority thought). Can anyone recommend some must have apps/games plus links etc Also i wanted to side load some apps off my ext hard drive - all indications were that ES File explorer was the best...
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    Whatsapp down for telkom mobile ?

    Anyone else having issues with Telkom mobile and WhatsApp ? As i post this my message eventually went through but it failed like 4 times. I've been switching between mtn and Telkom and that's how it figured it must be a Telkom issue because it works fine on mtn. Don't know whats going on at...
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    Local Switch homebrew community/forum etc ?

    Mods please remove if not allowed but this is just out of curiosity Is there a local community for homebrew specifically for the switch. feel free to PM me if you know of any forums etc i just wanted to get more info around homebrew (switch) and what's available (achievable) at the moment. TIA
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    Chrome remote desktop - issue with new gpu

    Hey guys I've always used chrome remote desktop to log in remotely into my home pc and schedule my downloads etc it always worked fine. I recently installed a new gpu (gtx 1050) i downloaded the new drivers etc as well, previously i had a old gt 210 (i think) display card. so on to the issue...
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    Baobab Aigo 3-in-1 120mm - Anyone used these ?

    Hi Thinking about getting these: Link Has anyone bought and tried these ? looking for some feedback on them, are they a good buy. Also takealot dont state the model number so is this the same as the DR12 model ? Evetech has these on special but after reading a thread here about them i'd...
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    Kindle - please help answer a few questions

    hi Thinking about getting a kindle for an elder person in my family, makro has one with adds for R1499: "Amazon All-New Kindle Touchscreen Wi-Fi 8th Gen" okay some question as i've never used or even seen a kindle before, i'm thinking of purchasing the above and loading a bunch of books on it...
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    What game is this ?

    The game is in the vid below and starts at 2:53 The game starts at 2:53
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    So their ridiculous pricing aside. Do they actually deliver ? or is it just one big scam. i have a voucher at 40% off and was wondering whether it was worth the risk of ordering something through them or not. oh and side note, even after the 40% discount the item i'm looking at still comes out...
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    How about posting the full articles in the gaming forums instead of links. Tinman usually posts new articles every day but only posts the link, it would be great if you guys posted the entire article as well for those of us who are blocked from entering mygaming at work. i would love to...
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    Why today will go down in history !

    awesome thats all i can say. . . . . The great haidoken master has reached 1000 posts ! :p so.... how many flys did i trap ? :D
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    Do you spit out or swallow

    your bubblegum after the flavour has gone ? :D i bought some bubblegum after a long time yesterday...i just swallow it after the flavour has run out :p