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    Mweb range extender

    @Wynandd - did you ever make any progress on converting your WR7010v2 to a WiFi extender? I have now bought a new router/AP and want to recommission my WR7010v2 to a range extender. There is not much when I search for any information on this router.
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    uniCenta POS - anyone using it?

    I think my calculations went a bit funny, I don't think I did a good job explaining, sorry. I was mixing turnover and profit together. So R100 transaction means they take R5.25 = 5.25% of the R100. If I make enough R100 transactions to make R1m turnover (10 000 of them), of which 20% is profit...
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    uniCenta POS - anyone using it?

    I'm opening a retail store and I have been looking at the above POS software. It is open source. Is anyone using this software, and would recommend it? My real concern is whether it will work processing card payments. The only other option I've considered is Ikhokha POS. They charge 2.75% per...
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    Telkom email services

    Good morning I had a PC set up to send/receive emails in Outlook on a Telkom mobile connection. Subsequently, I have now moved to AirBand for internet access, but the Telkom account is still open since that is the email address still in use (eventually the Telkom mobile access will be stopped...
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    Redline MT-90

    If you look at the US prices it goes for $18/quart = R280. Chemsail sell it at R460. So I agree a decent markup on their side, doesn't help that it already starts off pricey. And I would need at least 2 quarts (=1.9l, the spec is for 2l so not sure what difference 100ml would make?) How did you...
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    Redline MT-90

    Apparently Chemsail is the distributor in South Africa. I don't see it listed on their website, but I have emailed them for more info.
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    Redline MT-90

    Anyone know who sells this gearbox oil in South Africa? Pricy, but everything I've read it seems what might sort out my "notchy" gearbox. Amazon have it, but don't deliver to SA Thanks.
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    Taking refuse to the dump

    I wonder if anyone can offer advice or a legal opinion for me please? At our local refuse dump (Pietermaritzburg), as you drive in, there is a very large concreted area walled off on 3 sides. People drive into this area and offload their refuse. Often working in the same area but always away...
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    Lenovo N5902 for HTPC

    Hi everyone. I've just bought myself another PC to setup as an HTPC, done according to Assassin's instructions, which are very thorough by-the-way, even if it does cost $20 for membership, worth it. He mentions the Lenovo N5902 remote for managing WMC. However, Have2Have don't stock it, and...
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    brite-View Air SyncHD (BV-2322)

    Anyone using the above unit? Used for wireless HDMI transmission, has a dedicated transmitter/receiver, supposedly in 1080p. Ideally looking for a unit that can use my existing wireless network so wouldn't need a "transmitter" (i.e. it would use my existing wireless network adaptor), but...