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    KKBT Ponzi Scheme

    I have edited my post to reflect the correct links
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    KKBT Ponzi Scheme

    Hi all, Seems like another ponzi scheme similar to MTI started a while ago - and I have warned the people I know who want to "invest" in this scam. Apparently it's the same group from First Solar and Genesis Solar that is operating this scam. Any...
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    LTE solution for CCTV P2P

    Dyndns does not work rain, due to CGNAT being used. Same applies for port forwarding on rain.
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    Mind the Speed MIA

    I was happy with them until around December 2021. That is when they informed me of the increase and that static IPs will be R50 per month. On my package at the time, it was an overall increase of over 30%. That kite was not going to fly with me. This and along with the fact thay they could not...
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    Mind the Speed MIA

    Site is working fine from my side
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    WebAfrica, Only fast speeds through VPN?

    But yes, it sounds like you are getting throttled. Ditch them and get a real ISP like Cool Ideas, Axxess or Afrihost.
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    Mind the speed ISP

    I've experienced the same. For me it was the download speed. After countless emails, test this and test that, I had enough and cancelled.
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    Telkom LIT Android media box - Tips/Tricks/Apps thread

    There are 3 different versions. The problem is with the latest version of the Netflix app. The dev mentioned that as long as Netflix is working in Kodi, it should work with his modification of the Netflix apk. Will post update once tested.
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    Telkom LIT Android media box - Tips/Tricks/Apps thread
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    Recommended places to get solar panels from

    Hi guys, Thinking to invest in a solar system for my house, but not very familiar with the different brands etc. Some questions: My house electricity are running on a hospital line, so I do not experience any load shedding. However with Eskom getting more and more unstable it might be wise to...
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    Medical Aid: would going through a broker be beneficial?

    For a hospital plan, have a look at Bestmed. Specifically the Beat 1 option, which is a hospital plan.
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    BozzaGigs Bundle and Datashare

    Hotspot working fine on a MTN BozzaGigs LTE sim on my side, in a Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 phone.
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    Frogfoot Port Elizabeth

    Anyone else offline?
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    Need assistance with locating the owner of a cell phone number

    Mike Bolhuis and his team specialise in this type of extortions. They have assisted several people in the past with this. He is your best bet to sort this out. If you are serious to make this all go away, you would not be talking to police etc. We all know how useless they are. How old are you...
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    Need assistance with locating the owner of a cell phone number

    Have you bothered to check out his website? If not, you probably deserve being scammed/extorted for sending d!ck pics around. While the above might sound harsh, I don't like to spoon feed people.
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    Need assistance with locating the owner of a cell phone number

    I suggest that you contact Mike Bolhuis to handle this on your behalf.
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    Cell C's new prepaid fixed-LTE tested

    I've struggled with this service on the exact same model phone. What worked for me was to manually delete all the APNs from the sim card, then created a new APN called "internet". Came online almost immediately thereafter.
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    What percentage of SA do you think has medical aid?

    And don't forget to get gap cover. I'm with Stratum Benefits. No issues with claims.
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    What percentage of SA do you think has medical aid?

    Take a look at Bestmed. Very happy with their hospital plan (Beat 1).
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    Decent Life Insurance Conpany

    Brightrock. Stay away from Discovery.