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    BMW Value

    I want to offload my car as I'm not driving too much at the moment with work from home, but I also need to make sure I get a decent price for it. I'll probably use one of the common services to sell the car to (getworth, webuycars etc.) so if you guys have a view on the price I should be looking...
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    Starting a project - need some guidance on how to start

    I have an idea in my head for a small project that I'd like to attempt and build myself. I expect it will take a long time and require a lot of learning, which is great. I'm familiar with C# and Java on a hobbyist level and never built anything web related with either (did some apps and games in...
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    J&J Vaccine Questions

    Apologies if this has already been discussed somewhere else, but having been really busy for the last few days, I was surprised to read about the J&J vaccine arriving in OR Thambo yesterday, and seeing that the Prez has had his shot. I had 2 questions. 1. I thought this vaccine was going to be...
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    The Price of Console Games

    wtf is going on?? Is the insane price attached to console games a direct result of the previous depreciation of the Rand? It's been a while since I was looking at buying (basically gifts last Christmas) and I've been used to a steady price of R899-R999 for years now, but this year I'm seeing...
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    Where did all the GPU's go?

    Been thinking about putting a rig together for my brother and hit up takealot to look at prices of GPU's and was really surprised to see that they are only really offering 1050ti's and 1650's. What happened to all the other GTX cards? They also seem light on RTX cards, but they dont seem to be...
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    WebAfrica Support Thread

    Where is it? Been trying to help my mother who has lost her internet connection, but I cant get through to the damn support desk! After holding for 12 minutes, nobody is answering, and incredibly they are closed over the weekends! what the actual f***
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    Motorola Phones

    My current Moto X Play has finally succumbed to wear-and-tear with the screen smashing on a recent drop. I've had this phone for about 5 years and it's been the best phone I've ever had - so many others seem to deteriorate in performance over time, but this one has been as solid as the day I...
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    Double Charges for Cape Towns Fixed Basic Water charge

    Just noticed on my municipal bill received today that I've been charged twice for the "fixed" basic water charge. So R100 -> R200. Anyone else from CT in this boat and know exactly wtf is going on? Hoping COCT are available to answer this query during lockdown.
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    Strange Issue with Reboots

    For the last 2 months or so I've been having issues with my PC whereby it randomly seems to hang and reboot within the first 15 minutes of initially being booted up. Sometimes it does this twice, and then it seems to stablise and will run will 11+hours without any issues. Trying to diagnose this...
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    MSI GAMING GTX 950 - 2GB GPU - OC Edition - R950

    For Sale Item name: MSI 2GB GAMING GTX 950 - OC Edition Age and condition: +- 3 years Do you include packaging: Yes - Original box and anti-static cover/bag Warranty: No/Expired Reason for selling: Upgraded to a GTX 1060 Price: R950 Location: Cape Town Shipping or collection: Will include...
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    MTN Data Settings Phone Update??

    I got a request on my phone to do a settings update, and an SMS from MTN simply stating "your phone will receive a settings update. If asked for a password use 1234" Is this legit? It looks like it is, but the manner in which it is done seems fishy af. Has anyone received this before and/or...
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    MSI GTX 950 2GB

    Item name: MSI GTX 950 2GB Graphics Cards Age and condition: 2 years 9 months / Great Condition - hasn't been used for mining at all. Do you include packaging: Yes - I include the original box, with an anti-static bag and bubble wrap (the original foam inner is not available) Warranty: Yes - the...
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    The next Springbok Coach

    So with P.Divvy stepping aside, the quest for a new coach for the national side will begin before too long. Who do you think would be best placed, realistically, to be the new Bok coach?