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    HTC Legend and Desire in April?

    I just stumbled across this, and I have to say - if it's true it's very, very good news. Has anyone else heard anything along these lines? One month wait for the Desire would definitely be worth it :D
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    Bulls rock Thread

    The Bulls have been a second half team pretty much since I started actually following rugby, but that wasn't ages ago to be honest. The altitude helps, but it's not enough to win on it's own (see the Lions), I think the bulls just play better when they have the pressure on them. And peaking...
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    4me sms's not resetting?

    Did anyone else's free sms's not reset last night? This morning it told me I only had 5 left, which is the amount I had when I went to sleep last night :( That site is in need of a serious overhaul...
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    HTC Magic SenseUI upgrade

    I qualify for an upgrade at the end of the month and I'm pretty keen on getting something that runs android. The magic is the only one I can really afford though (Haven't heard much good stuff about the Tattoo), so I'd like to ask if the official HTC upgrade to the Magic works on the phones...