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    Hardware Bargains - Open Thine Wallet

    Will pay cash as I am looking for something between 5-6k can push to 10k or get a contract if there is a good deal. Basically just media consumption, basic office (excel + emails) and a few apps like monday, to do list etc. I have a surface go 2 which works well but battery life is just not...
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    Hardware Bargains - Open Thine Wallet

    Thanks yeah I saw that, actually want to get the Samsung tab a8 but it doesn't have a keyboard which is extremely frustrating. Ipad seems to be the go to but just adds another OS and cable system which I am not to keen on.
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    Which credit card is not useless for overseas transactions ?

    Cheapest option I found was Shyft. You will always pay a currency conversion fee but on Shyft you can load the currency required and the rate difference is smaller than the fee which is usually between 1.5-3% on credit cards. Also helps that you can stock up on a currency while the rand is...
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    Hardware Bargains - Open Thine Wallet Anyone ever tried this tablet ? Specs seem good for the price but have struggled with underpowered tablets in the past so a bit skeptical
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    Hardware Bargains - Open Thine Wallet

    Bought a Palit 3060 over a year ago and never had any issues. Still an Asus fanboy and would prefer a Asus 3060 but not willing to pay R2k more for basically the same performance
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    Offer to purchase question

    Hey guys is it worth it to get a bond originator from the real estate agent or contact your banker directly first ?
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    Router Battery Backup

    Decided to buy one, have R 500 rand credit with onedayonly so effectively R 3000 and If I don't like it should be able to sell in a few months for a small loss to some camping enthusiast
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    Cheapest Mobile Power Station

    Yeah will double check but I assume power consumption will be 70w - 100w although some website have it at 166 (although this is max) Based on 230.4Wh(Max.) capacity I should get 2-3 hours If I only use the TV and stream / use a usb...
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    Router Battery Backup

    Yeah not sure from the photos it looks like a two prong. Capacity: 12.8V/230.4Wh(Max.) - So TV should be good to go for 2-3 hours (Have a ups for my wifi so can at least stream TV in the dark)
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    Router Battery Backup

    An alternative option although not sure how you would use a 3 point plug
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    Cheapest Mobile Power Station

    Would if I could but currently renting a flat, moving out end of the year and I want to get a proper solar system then so don't want to overpay but also not looking to buy a 10k inverter and trolley system.
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    Cheapest Mobile Power Station

    Anyone tried one of these ? Was wondering if it would be able to run my TV and DSTV for around 2 hours during load shedding ? Looking for the cheapest option and this seems decent if it works
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    Hardware Bargains - Open Thine Wallet

    Yeah price has come down nicely can get a RTX 3060 for R 7500 and a RTX 3060ti for R 9400
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    Prosus selling its Tencent shares to buy back its stock

    Naspers investment in Tencent has been one of the best investments of all time... They might have got a bit to greedy and should have trimmed a bit more. Anyone who bought Naspers before 2009 is in massive profits. Their biggest issue is the complicated financial structure which hasn't unlocked...
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    Tour de France 2022 Pogacar does seem to be the favorite although Roglic has a better team hopefully he can pull an upset this year
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    Advice on traffic fine

    Did the law change it was always 40+ above the speed limit is straight to court ?
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    Sport quota's are making my son racist

    Good time to have the conversation about the countries history and quotas / BEE with your son. Rightly or wrongly it will be here for the foreseeable future so if you want to stay in SA you need to move forward in a positive manner. 1. Pick and individual sport (running, tennis, golf, swimming...
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    IT’S OFFICIAL: Face masks are gone, border checks and gatherings ban dropped

    I am just happy I can wear my glasses again instead of contact lenses every day
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    Liverpool FC supporters thread - 2017/18 Season

    Well we bought in back up for TAA and a promising new striker in place of Mane (Can't replace this class but maybe Nunez lives up to the hype), we might just need another body in the midfield but think it is a decent transfer window. You wana talk about a kak transfer window that would be when...