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    MTN fraudulent billing

    I had a LTE contract with MTN. In January 2020 the speed dropped to unusable levels. I had a lot of correspondence with MTN and eventually they cancelled the contract. I reversed the debits orders during the period that LTE was not available. MTN saw fit to try to reclaim the reversed debit...
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    Vodacom Disappearing Data

    I have been really disappointed with Vodacom due to their response to my dispute around data usage. They have repeatedly closed tickets that still have not been resolved. They refuse to supply detailed data usage stats in a useable format. They told me that they could give me the details but...
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    Billed for a device I never received

    I have been bill R99.00 a moth since last July for a device I never received. My first query was in August and since then I have been trying to cancel the account. Now at my wits end I will put a stop payment on Telkom's debit order and will lay charges against Telkom directors for fraudulent...