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    Government moving to hold onto South Africans’ retirement funds – legal expert

    The treaty is often pointed to, but within the UK & UK it runs afoul of GDPR or General Data Protection Regulations, which frown on sharing data except in extreme circumstances. I have yet to run across any successfull use of the treaty by SARS.
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    South Africa’s expat tax is coming – and there’s only one way to legally avoid it

    These experts are using scare tactics to drum up business. This is the best awnsers I have seen He affirms that it will be based on your tax residency. As for SARS f..k them and good luck trying to get money from...
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    'I was beaten up by booze test doctor'

    She wont win this one, you dont have the right to refuse to give a blood sample and you dont have the right to have a lawyer present. She also assaulted the doctor so he can sue her. Drunk people are a major pain in the ***