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    2-4 USB ports rear panel bracket

    Hi all, Is there any retailer in South Africa that sells something like this? Basically a PCI slot bracket with 2 or 4 USB ports that connect to 1 or 2 internal USB 2.0 headers on the motherboard.
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    Recommendation for Ryzen motherboard and case please

    Hi all, I am planning to build a new PC for my son because his Haswell core i3 box will be given to my father to replace his aging core 2 duo system. I have decided to get him a Ryzen 2200G for now and may replace it with the upcoming Ryzen 3000 series. So I need a AM4 motherboard that is...
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    Beware of the Samsung NC10 netbook at Game/DionWired

    Hi guys, Tonight I went to Game store at Menlyn and bought a Samsung NC10 netbook. :) I thought I'll be getting the 6 cell battery that everybody has. When I got home then I realised it's the 3 cell version :mad: If I want a 3 cell netbook, I could have buy a Acer Aspire One at a lower price...