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  1. aalwees

    USD - ZAR trade anomally

    Could someone who knows something about currency trade tell me what the hell this strange anomaly is. I've never seen anything like this before. It looks like big trades done in a way that responds to the reaction. Could it be a sell-off until it reaches a price threshold > wait for recovery >...
  2. aalwees

    Telkom App Misleading or False or Deliberately Unhelpful?

    Can anyone tell me why my Telkom app tells me I have 2975 minutes left but a Telkom SMS tells me my All-Net voice bundle has been used up, and I can no longer make calls? The data report is also contradictory. I get 1 Gig per month but it tells me stuff like 5 B left, 2.48 Gb used. I sent a...
  3. aalwees

    FNB Connect 1Gig gift with sting in the tail

    What does the Broadband bunch think about this one? I have my family with FNB Connect. Recently they all got given a 1 Gig gift as an apology for some or other outage. Seems good but it had a sting in the tail and my kids are now without data for the rest of the month. 1. The 1 Gig is only valid...
  4. aalwees

    Complaining to Telkom. How??!!

    How does one get a Telkom complaint heard?! • HelloPeter works beautifully for companies that have the courtesy to respond. HelloPeter lists Telkom as a company that responds when in fact it doesn't (I suspect the new HelloPeter ownership has corporation interests more at heart than those of...
  5. aalwees

    Telkom Data Confusion and Fat Payment Rejection Fee

    Two Telkom Gripes: 1. Telkom's app tells you you have data left while at the same time Telkom sends you SMSes telling you your Data Bundle is finished and you've been switched to out-of-bundle rates. The Bill So Far nicely given in the app continues to mount while the Data remaining remains at...
  6. aalwees

    Potential scam taking advantage of social grant recipients

    My disabled daughter receives a social grant. As her guardian I received the following SMS a few minutes ago: " Dear Green Cardholder, we can see that your grant is no longer paid into your EPE green card. Visit your nearest Net1 Branch or SMS your name to 49201 for a call back if you want to...
  7. aalwees

    Opel Zafira service and repair

    Anyone know a good place to take an Opel Zafira to in the Cape Town southern suburbs? I don't want to go to the official dealer because I don't trust how they price and replace parts based on how they operated while the car was under its maintenance warranty, but I would like to go to someone...
  8. aalwees

    SMSes sent from random extra long numbers

    I'd like to discuss this and get some more info about this relatively new phenomenon. I really dislike it. It's a serious irritation and generally a security hazard for the following reasons: 1. It's like spam in that the sender is able to hide to some extent. Every inch that spam spills over...
  9. aalwees

    Missing data / bundle inexplicably used up

    I'm just fishing for anyone else out there who might have a similar experience to this: My 8ta account tells me my data is about to run out but my Huawei statistics tell me I still have about 600Mb. I have never before had a significant disparity between my Huawei log and my 8ta account log...
  10. aalwees

    Services terminated on the last day

    This is just a word of warning to anyone thinking of leaving iBurst. They don't shut you off at midnight at the end of the last day, but at the beginning of the last day. So if you have a gig or two you'd like to use up on your last day, you will be disappointed and have no recourse. Arguing...
  11. aalwees

    what's up with host my site and they have been down since yesterday. Does anyone know what's going on? I haven't been able to contact them by email or by phone? I have no incoming mail, my site is down and their site is down. &rew