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    MyBB'ers in Australia

    Inspired by the thread MyBB'ers in the Netherlands - I thought it would be good to run a poll to see how many MyBB'ers we have in Australia and where most people have settled and just for some general chit chat! Happy to answer any questions anyone has but some background to kick off. I live...
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    How do people find Technical Co-founders?

    Hey all, Maybe not the best place to be asking this but thought I'd give it a go. So you come up with an idea but don't have the technical know how to implement the idea. What are common methods of getting someone onboard to help with the implementation? 1) I learn how to do it myself. 2)...
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    USA B1/B2 visa requirements - Advice please

    Hi All, I have applied for a B1/B2 visitors visa with my girlfriend. The main reason why we are planning on visiting the USA next year on holiday is that i have been offered a short term transfer to one of our offices in Canada. My Canadian work visa has been approved so that is happening. As...
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    Help iOS 5 break down of exact feature for each device

    Someone the other day posted a link to a Wikipedia style page that had the exact features of ios according to each device but I cannot find, if u bookmarked it or are the original poster please repost! Thanks a lot!
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    Cool places to photograph in PE?

    Hey so I know there are a couple guys from pe that are into there photography. I was wondering If you guys are wiling to share some nice spot in pe to photograph? I am from pe so I know the area, but I would like some ideas, and I guess if any visitors stumble apron this thread it will help them...