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  1. Adrenalin

    Vodacom Business 'Upgrade'

    So does anyone on this forum actually work for Vodacom? MY god they have gone to utter ****. Like absolutely useless. I got a 'free' upgrade to 50mb and since moved, back down to 20mb. Getting it back up to 50mb is a never ending nightmare. Something so simple is a nightmare.
  2. Adrenalin

    Vodacom Is useless - I mean properly useless

    Just thought I'd share my experience. I've had my mobile number for over 20 years now, got it when I was a whee little lad in school. Vodacom, same number, same network since then. Vodacom used to be good, then they turned mediocre, now they are absolutely horrendous. Moved to an estate that...